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Soybean Oil Processing Solution

Main Features of Soybean Preparation Technology
1. The entire soybean preparation line is mechanically operated and finished in a continuous manner with an inter-locking control system.
2. All machines are installed in a tower structure, ensuring the materials flow and drop under gravity, reducing energy consumption.
3. After the flacking process comes expanding. This process further cracks and breaks down the oilseed structure, improving the production and produces meals that are well received among fodder manufacturers. Plus, the expansion process can adjust the technical parameters according to the material property and extraction performance.
4. For manufacturing soybean meals, the horizontal softener and conditioner are more suitable for various manufacturing requirements.
5. In consideration of environmental protection, the workshop is outfitted with a powerful dust removal system.
6. During the transportation process, a scraper conveyor is mostly used, which effectively decreases the breakage of crop germs, enhancing the solvent penetration and improving the final oil extraction.

Main process machines and related projects
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