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Our manufacture capacity and high-quality food processing machinery have been praised by significant organizations and countless clients, with a well-respected reputation in the industry.

  • China’s Top 10 Grain & Oil Machinery Manufacture Enterprises in 2011
  • We received an award for our 10000 ton/year soybean protein concentrate ability in 2009.
  • In 2010, our 10000-ton protein concentrate R&D ability was recognized by Chinese Cereals and Oils Association and reaped an award.
  • In 2011, our study on the 5000-ton functional soy protein concentrate industrialized production was praised and awarded by Science and Technology Department of Henan Province.
  • In 2012, our soybean protein concenter production and modification attained Henan Science and Technology Progress Award.
  • Lower bearing of rotocel extractor
  • Air exhausting device
  • Low-temperature desolvation machine
  • Horizontal type countercurrent flow dryer
  • Sesame refining technique
  • Rotor for desolvation machine
  • Oilseed expander
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