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Corn Germ Oil Processing Solution

Cleaning: In general, the corn germs contain about 8% oil. In the manufacture process, the presence of starch will affect the oil extraction rate and oil quality. Thus, the cleaning process is to separate endosperms from peels and control the starch content to lower than 3%.

Conditioning: The water content is about 10%-12%, temperature is 60-65℃ and the conditioning time is 15-20 minutes.
Cracking and flaking: After the flaking process, the germ is about 0.25-0.30mm.

Conditioning: This step of conditioning is to adjust the water content in the materials to be extracted. If the water content is too high, clumping can happen and affect the processing. The water content should be controlled within 7%-8%.

Pressing: The screw press is most often used for its high oil extraction rate. The pressure is set at 6.9MPa, the residual oil rate is 6%-7% and the water content in cake is 3%-4%. For safety consideration, the water content of the final cake should be adjusted to 12% or so.
The entire process is controlled by an automatic computing system, with self-adjustment and reliable operation.

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