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We possess these following advantages that make sure our company stand out from so many competitors.

1. R&D Capacity
Our company possesses the title of provincial enterprise technology center and undertakes the responsibility of developing new products, new materials and new technology. Our outstanding research and development team is dedicated to transforming our scientific and technological achievements into actual practice and production, which increases social and economic benefits.

2. Rich Experience
After 20+ years of evolution and innovation, we have gained sufficient experience and expertise in all sizes and types of oil and grain processing machines. Particularly, our oil processing and refining machines for special oil plants, like flaxseed, olive seeds, grape seeds and pumpkin seeds.

3. Advanced process line
Our production line is able to process two or three kinds of oil containing seeds at the same time, minimizing cost and time for clients and improving productivity.

4. Patents
Our food processing machines feature more than 20 patents, with reliable quality and performance.

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