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Subcritical Fluid Extraction Projects

Sub-critical fluid extraction project
We are able to undertake the design of various turnkey projects and processing machines with a daily processing capacity of 0.1-200 tons per day.

1. Vegetable oil sub-critical fluid extraction line for wheat germ oil, grape seed oil and peony seed oil.
2. Natural pigment low-temperature sub-critical fluid extraction line for red pepper pigment, yellow marigold pigment.
3. Vegetable protein production line for defatted peanut protein powder, defatted soy protein powder and skim walnut protein powder.
4. Spice oil extraction and production line
5. Quantitative nicotine and tar extraction line
6. Wool degreasing technology and production line
7. Traditional Chinese medicine degreasing line
8. Oil and fats refining line, small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale
9. Subcritical fluid extraction lab equipment, CBE-0.5L/1L/2L/5L/10L/20L/50L/100L/200L
10. Microalgae oil, microbial oil, insect oil and protein extraction line.

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