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Oil and Fat Processing Projects

Our company designs and provides customers with 50-6000 t/d preparation projects, extraction projects and 10-1200t/d refining projects. We also provide comprehensive services from design and manufacturing to installation, adjustment and technical support. With a deep understanding of the principles of energy conservation and the mechanical equivalence of heat, we have researched and manufactured high-quality oil processing equipment that is notably more efficient and energy saving compared to similar machinery.

    1. Preparation SolutionThe entire soybean preparation line is mechanically operated and finished in a continuous manner with an inter-locking control system.
      All machines are installed in a tower structure, ensuring the materials flow and drop under gravity, reducing energy consumption.
    1. Extraction SolutionAccording to the crop type, processing volume and customer requirements, we offer different extractors, including roto-cell solvent extractors, continuous loop solvent extractors and drag chain solvent extractors.
    1. Refining SolutionSGOET designs and provides you with 10-1200 t/d refining plants, dewaxing plants, stripping plants and more. All of our machines are controlled by an automatic computing system, allowing for self-adjustment and stable operation. Our complete service includes design, manufacture, installation, adjustment and after-sales service.
    1. Energy Saving SolutionApplying advanced foreign and domestic technology, we are able to supply various pieces of energy-saving equipment, including traditional technologies (liquid-liquid heat exchanging and wasted solvent recovery) as well as the latest technologies (wind-wind heat exchanging, heat pump and vacuum deodorization).
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