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Preparation Solution
    1. Soybean Oil Processing SolutionThe entire soybean preparation line is mechanically operated and finished in a continuous manner with an inter-locking control system.
      All machines are installed in a tower structure, ensuring the materials flow and drop under gravity, reducing energy consumption.
    1. Rapeseed Oil Processing SolutionThrough many years of innovation, we have developed some unique technology in the preparation and extraction of rapeseeds that are highly efficient, economical and reliable. The advanced machines bypass the limitations of traditional processes and successfully adopt a series of state-of-the-art technology.
    1. Rice Bran Oil Processing SolutionThe rice bran is a by-product of rice production. After being separated, it enters into the preparation workshop. The first processing step is removing pebbles and impurities, like iron.
    1. Sunflower Seed Oil Processing SolutionBacked by modern preparation, press, extraction and refining technology, the sunflower seed oil machines scientifically controls the physical reactions and chemical reactions during processing, increasing the oil extraction rate and decreasing oil waste rate.
    1. Corn Germ Oil Processing SolutionCleaning: In general, the corn germs contain about 8% oil. In the manufacture process, the presence of starch will affect the oil extraction rate and oil quality. Thus, the cleaning process is to separate endosperms from peels and control the starch content to lower than 3%.
    1. Peanut Oil Processing SolutionThe peanut oil manufacturing machines by our company feature high efficiency, economical performance and reliable quality.
    1. Cottonseed Oil Processing SolutionCottonseed oil extracted from high-fatty-acid cottonseeds has a high acid value, dark color, high alkali consumption and low refining rate.
    1. Tea Seed Oil Processing SolutionOur tea seed processing equipment is characterized by high efficiency, economical performance and reliable quality. Upon customer demand, we offer customization services as well. The whole process is operated under the control of an automatic computing system, with self-adjustment and stable operation.
    1. Sesame Oil Processing SolutionOur efficient, reliable and economical sesame oil machines are all controlled by an automatic computing system, realizing self-adjustment and stable operation. The machines extracts oil by physical and chemical refining methods in a fast manner.
    1. Castor Bean Oil Processing SolutionCastor oil is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with a distinct taste and odor. In the food industry, castor oil (food-grade) is often applied in food additives, seasonings, candy, and as a mold inhibitor. More and more people choose castor oil for their daily cooking.
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