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Rice Bran Extrusion Machine

    1. Rice Bran Dry ExtruderMKPH180 rice bran extruder is applicable to stabilize rice bran for preservation at rice mills and rice bran processing factories. By means of extruder, the lipase in rice bran can be efficiently passivated and the moisture reduced by 2%~4%.
    1. Rice Bran DryerAfter being processed by the extruder, the rice bran has a high temperature and a high water content, inconvenient for immediate storage and transport. The rice bran dryer was invented to fix this issue.
    1. Rice Bran Wet Extrusion MachineIt improves the production capacity of extractor. After applying the oilseed expander, the volumetric weight of processed material is increased by 40%-50% in comparison to raw material. Thus, the handling capacity of extractor and desolventizer is improved.