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Rice Bran Wet Extrusion Machine

Commercial Extruder, Food Extrusion Solution, Rice Bran Extruder

 Rice Bran Wet Extrusion Machine

The YPHD oilseed expander is a product based on foreign advanced expansion technology and features reasonable design, stable mechanical properties and excellent performance.

Main Features of Oilseed Expander
1. It improves the production capacity of extractor. After applying the oilseed expander, the volumetric weight of processed material is increased by 40%-50% in comparison to raw material. Thus, the handling capacity of extractor and desolventizer is improved.

2. The extracting speed is fastened while the extracting time is shortened. By using the oilseed expander, the oilseed cell structure is fully destroyed and the porosity is enhanced. Solvent and mixed oil can easily go through oil materials. The extracting time is effectively cut and the production is greatly increased.

3. The solvent content in wet meal is lowered, simplifying the desolvation process. Because the material has good permeability and are easy to drain, the solvent content in wet meal can be reduced to 20%. Thus, steam used for desolvation and solvent recovery is saved.

4. With the application of this seed expanding machine, material cells are totally broken and good permeability is ensured. The solvent ratio is decreased from 0.8:1 to 0.6:1. In turn, the concentration of mixed oil is improved from 20% to 28-30%. The desolvation work of mixed oil is relieved and the steam cost is saved.

5. In the extruding and expanding process, enzymes and anti-nutritional factors in oil materials are passivated. It avoids the effect of lipoxidase and phospholipase on phospholipid, reduces the non-hydratable phospholipid content in crude oil and increases the total phospholipid content in crude oil. As a result, good oil quality, high recovery rate of phospholipid byproduct and good phospholipid quality are guaranteed.

6. The oilseed expander doesn't have a high requirement for oil material thickness and the thickness can be slightly higher than commonly used machines. The production of flaking mill is thereby increased.

7. As the concentration of mixed oil is improved and the solvent content in wet meal is decreased, the energy consumption and material cost in the manufacture process is remarkably decreased.

Parameters of Oilseed Expander
Model Cottonseed/Sunflower Pulp/Rapeseed Wet Milled Corn Germ Soybean Rice Bran
YPHD15 80~150 80 100~150 50
YPHD20 200~300 200 200~400 100
YPHD25 300~500 350 600~800 300
YPHD30 600~750 600 800~1200 400
YPHD35 900~1200 900 1500~2000 600
YPHD40 1800 1800 2000~3000 1200
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