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Rice Bran Dryer

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 Rice Bran Dryer

After being processed by the extruder, the rice bran has a high temperature and a high water content, inconvenient for immediate storage and transport. The rice bran dryer was invented to fix this issue. This type of drying equipment can jointly work with rice bran extruders and is well suited for the cooling and drying of finished rice brans. In a short time, the grain dryer reduces the temperature and removes 1%-4% of water.

Features of Rice Bran Dryer
1. The drying equipment for rice bran realizes no swirling dust and low material breakage during process.
2. With a special and highly efficient drying method, the rice bran dryer provides thorough and uniform drying.
3. Its delicate structure leads to easy installation and convenient maintenance.
4. Made from stainless steel, the machine body is resistant to rust and corrosion, with a long lifespan.
5. According to the actual working condition, we offer flexible and custom design.
6. A high level of security is offered.

Main Parameters of Rice Bran Dryer
Processing capacity: 1-1.7 t/h
Motor power: 1.15 kW
Feed material temperature: 100℃
Discharge material temperature: ≤40℃
Water content of feed material: 10%-12%
Water content of discharge material: 8%-9%
Delivery speed: 2-15m/min

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