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Starch Sugar Equipment

    1. Carbon Decolorization ColumnCommonly-used carbon decolorization equipment is manually operated, producing bad working environments, low production efficiency and high activated carbon consumption.
    1. Ion Exchange ColumnsThe three-set six-column ion exchanger provided by our company is a kind of standard starch sugar purification equipment possessing stable and reliable operation, low cost and high efficiency.
    1. Chromatographic Separation UnitWith the application of CSMB (Continuous Simulated Moving Bed), the chromatographic separation unit realizes fast and convenient feeding, transporting and discharging. Another outstanding advantage of the continuous chromatography separation system lies in its high production adjustability.
    1. Refining UnitThe refining unit contains mixed resins for cation and anion exchange, which finally produces water. The main function of this sugar refining facility is to process materials from chromatographic separation unit and to do decolorization, desalination, deodorization and PH value adjustment, thus further improving the quality.