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Phospholipid Dryer

Phospholipid Drying Equipment, Concentrated Phospholipid Equipment, Phospholipid Processing Equipment

 Phospholipid Dryer

Benefits and Features of Phospholipid Dryer
1. The phospholipid drying equipment possesses high rotational speed, advanced techniques, excellent properties, high efficiency and large production, suitable for continuous production.
2. The water content in final products is less than 0.5%.
3. To make sure that the material viscosity will not affect the film-forming thickness, the gap between scraper and cylinder is fixed, with a range of 1-2.5mm for different models.
4. By applying special mechanical sealing technique, the phospholipid dryer has no leakage problems.
4. All parts contacted with materials are made using stainless steel, with a high level of security and hygiene.

SGOET provides various types of phospholipid dryers for you.

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