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Reaction Tank

Food-Grade Reactor, Protein Equipment, Protein Manufacture Machinery

 Reaction Tank

Compliant with the hygiene standards for food manufacture, the reaction tank is an ideal choice for protein extraction and acid precipitation.

Main Features of Reaction Tank
1. The raw material flows into the food-grade reactor in a tangential direction, in order to reduce the flow velocity and thus keep the material from splashing onto the wall.
2. Known for easy operation and convenient control, the PLC system monitors key control parameters in real time, such as reacting temperature, reacting time and PH value, etc.
3. The automatic cleaning system ensures quick and convenient self-cleaning.
4. Flexible feeding and discharging modes are offered by the integrated feeding and discharging system.
5. Using stainless steel and adopting mirror polishing techniques, the reaction tank conforms to the hygiene standards of food manufacture.

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