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Spray Dryer

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 Spray Dryer

In order to satisfy the huge market demands, we specially developed this spray dryer for handling proteins and peptides with strict compliance with food-grade standards.

Main Features of Spray Dryer
1. The spray drying equipment is known for fast drying speed and short drying time, suitable for thermally sensitive materials.
2. High quality and stable performance are designed with the spray dryer. In particular, particles dried by this machine show an extraordinary advantage in dispersibility, mobility and solubility.
3. The air inlet is adjustable to ensure the air is vertical and has no bias currents and eddy problems. Such a design prevents protein powders from sticking to the wall.
4. A recovery rate of up to 98-99% is achieved by the integrated powder recovery system.
5. For different customer requirements, several heating methods are available for the integrated air heating system.
6. The PLC system performs real-time monitoring for many key parameters, such as inlet air temperature, outlet air temperature, tower temperature and negative pressure.
7. The tower spray dryer also provides a wide range of technical parameters and shows good adaptability to many working requirement, with a spraying pressure of 5-50MPa, solid contents of 5-60% and evaporation capacity of 0.1-10t/h.
8. Using stainless steel as raw materials and adopting mirror polish techniques, the spray dryer meets with the hygiene requirements for food production.

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