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Drag Chain Extractor

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 Drag Chain Extractor

The YGZJ series drag chain extractor is ideal for different scales of vegetable oil plants and protein manufacture factories for extracting oil, fats and protein in the crops.

Main Features of Drag Chain Extractor
1. Adopting new techniques and an advanced structure, the solvent extractor ensures uniform and better spraying
2. During the extracting process, the solvent and miscella get enough time to contact and mix with raw materials, allowing for quick saturation, high extraction and low oil waste.
3. The self-cleaning V-shape plate guarantees not only smooth and non-clogging operation, but also high penetration speed.
4. With the combination of scraper and a moving belt, the vegetable oil extraction equipment delivers materials by taking advantage of the friction between crops, with a simpler structure and decreased load to the entire machine.
5. By applying a variable-frequency speed controller, the extraction time and processing quantity can thus be regulated conveniently and easily. Moreover, it creates a sealing environment in the feed hopper, which prevents the mixed steam from flowing backward to the preparation part.
6. The latest material feeding device provides a thin material layer.
7. The entire drag chain type solvent extractor has a simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency.

Main Parameters of Drag Chain Extractor
Model Production capacity (t/d) Operation cycle (min) Working temperature (℃) Power (kW)
YJCT140 100-300 60-120 55-60 2.2
YJCT180 300-600 4
YJCT220 600-800 7.5
YJCT260 800-1200 7.5
YJCT300 1200-1800 11
YJCT340 1800-2500 15
YJCT360 2500-4000 22
YJCT400 4000-6000 30
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