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Conveying and Palletizing Machine

    1. Belt ConveyorThe TDSG series of belt conveyor is a type of transport equipment ready for low cost and wide application. The troughed belt conveyor runs stably and realizes no relative movement between material and belt, thus avoiding material drop and damage.
    1. Scraper ConveyorThrough extensive research and experimentation, we improved and upgraded the scraper conveyor and launched TGSS and TGSC series scraper conveyor. In general, the horizontal scraper conveyors are sorted into three types, common type, sealing type and special type.
    1. Screw ConveyorHigh adaptability, easy installation and maintenance and a long lifespan are guaranteed with this screw conveyor, leading to a wide application for horizontal and inclined (0-20°) transportation of various kinds of powders and particles.
    1. Bucket ElevatorCovered with rubber for increasing friction, the machine head contributes to a stable and reliable machine operation. Additionally, the operation and maintenance is nearly effortless.
    1. Vibrating Screen High reliability and easy operation.
      Large screening area and high efficiency.
      High frequency and incredible screening performance.
    1. Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust Collector The pulse jet collector is easy to operate and convenient to maintain thanks to the upgraded filter bag fixture structure. In return, reliable and stable machine running is guaranteed.
    1. Suspended Palletizing MachineThe suspended palletizing machine produced by SGOET can be designed and manufactured according to the warehouse structure and manufacture demands. A wide application has been found in agriculture, fodder manufacture.