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Belt Conveyor

Troughed Belt Conveyor, Bulk Handling Conveyor, Belt Conveyor System

 Belt Conveyor

The TDSG series of belt conveyor is a type of transport equipment ready for low cost and wide application. The troughed belt conveyor runs stably and realizes no relative movement between material and belt, thus avoiding material drop and damage. What’s more, its little noise while running makes itself an ideal choice for worksites that have strict requirements for machine noise. In brief, the belt conveyor has a compact structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and low cost.

Main parts of the bulk handling conveyor are belt, drive unit, roller, tension device, discharging device and machine rack, etc. It can be jointly used with other machines and is extensively used for delivering particles and lumps in these fields, crops, flours, fodders, greases, coals, metallurgies, water and electricity, chemical engineering, to name a few.

Technical Parameters of Belt Conveyor
Item Model Delivery capacity (t/h) Belt speed (m/s) Belt width (mm)
TDSG50 60-180 0.8-2.5 500
TDSG65 120-380 0.8-2.5 650
TDSG80 180-700 1.0-3.15 800
TDSG100 320-1200 1.0-3.15 1000
TDSG120 500-2500 1.0-5.0 1200
TDSG140 800-3600 1.0-5.0 1400

Note: The delivery capacity is calculated when the conveyor is horizontally placed, with a 20° angle of move and 35°groove angle of roller.

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