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Oil Processing Equipment

    1. Gyratory ScreenerIntegrating the features of circular motion, elliptical motion and reciprocating motion, the industrial gyratory sifter provides high production, high screening efficiency and low energy consumption.
    1. Oilseeds Conditioning TowerIntegrating conditioning and drying functions, the oilseed cooker handles rapeseeds and soybeans properly to make sure their physical properties are suitable for the subsequent process. By doing so, the oilseed conditioner both guarantees the material quality and simplifies the manufacturing procedure.
    1. Oilseed Dehulling UnitThe oilseed dehulling unit is intended for separating and removing the loosened hulls and other impurities from the seed. Aside from the basic function, it can also be used for heating and cooling oilseeds.
    1. Cracking MillThe SGOET oilseed mill is characterized by high production, great cracking performance, stable and reliable properties, powerful operation, convenient maintenance, high security and a long service life. Moreover, the gap between rolls is adjustable, avoiding the collision between rolls.
    1. Horizontal SoftenerThe horizontal oilseed softener is intended for softening raw materials and improving the plasticity. Flakes produced by the oilseed softening machine are thin but unbroken, thus guaranteeing great steaming, cooking, squeezing and extruding performance. It’s mainly found in oil extrusion plants and refining factories that have a daily production of 50-5000 tons.
    1. Horizontal CookerThe YGZJ series of horizontal oilseed conditioner is a newly-developed machine based on the understanding and absorption of the advanced foreign and domestic technology. The oilseed conditioner is most often used for the softening, drying and conditioning of raw materials and enhancing their physical properties, which in turn produces materials that are thin but unbroken.
    1. Flaking Mill Thirdly, the hydraulic system is controlled in an intermittent manner, which results in energy savings, stable working pressure and a uniform flake. Fourthly, this soybean flaking machine is easy to operate and economical to maintain.
    1. Screw PressAs being a new generation of oil press, this screw press is manufactured with a scientific pressing structure and shows high production, few residues and low energy consumption. At the same time, it overcomes the traditional problems of installation and disassembly, with easy and convenient operation. An extensive application is found in the oil extraction of oil crops that have a high oil content.
    1. Oilseeds Expander (YPHD series)With a scientific structure, the oilseed expander provides stable mechanical properties and extraordinary processing performance. Superior to conventional expanding machines, this oilseed expander increases the yield and decreases the power, steam and solvent consumption, while simultaneously bringing no changes to the final fat values.
    1. Refrigerated dryerImplementing special drying technology, the refrigerated dryer makes the cooling air flows against the movement of material particles, ensuring stably drying and cooling of materials and avoiding material surface cracking caused by sudden cooling down, heat concentration, etc.
    1. Sludge Drain TankThe sludge drain tank is a necessary machine in fat and oil processing plants, mainly for removing oil sludge and residues. It ensures clean and highly pure oil entering the next phase.
    1. Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust CollectorThe pulse jet collector is easy to operate and convenient to maintain thanks to the upgraded filter bag fixture structure. In return, reliable and stable machine running is guaranteed.
    1. Scraper ConveyorThrough extensive research and experimentation, we improved and upgraded the scraper conveyor and launched TGSS and TGSC series scraper conveyor. In general, the horizontal scraper conveyors are sorted into three types, common type, sealing type and special type.
    1. Screw ConveyorHigh adaptability, easy installation and maintenance and a long lifespan are guaranteed with this screw conveyor, leading to a wide application for horizontal and inclined (0-20°) transportation of various kinds of powders and particles.
    1. Bucket ElevatorCovered with rubber for increasing friction, the machine head contributes to a stable and reliable machine operation. Additionally, the operation and maintenance is nearly effortless.
    1. Solvent Extractor (Dreg-Chain type)The YGZJ series of solvent extractor is a necessary machine for various scales of vegetable oil plants for extracting oil and fats in the crops. It's suitable for processing soybeans, rice brans, cottonseeds, rapeseeds, sesames, tea seeds, tung seeds and so on.
    1. Solvent Extractor (Continuous Loop Type)The solvent extractor has three main parts, pre-extraction, main-extraction and drainage. All of them are manufactured from stainless steel plates, in order for anti-corrosion and long lasting performance. Not only that, the materials can be turned over, achieving uniform miscella distribution and high extraction rate.
    1. Solvent Extractor (Roto-Cell Type)The YGZJ series roto-cell solvent extractor is easy to operate and provides a high oil extraction rate. A wide application of the rotocel extractor has been found in the manufacturing of soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower seed oil, peanut oil and many other types of vegetable oil.
    1. DTDC DesolventizerThe desolventizer-toaster-dryer-cooler is a key piece of equipment for dissolving and inactivating anti-nutritional factors in the wet meal. After many years of experiments and research, we have managed to produce the highly efficient DTDC with triple functions, reasonable design, stable production, stable properties and excellent performance.
    1. Oil StripperMain configurations of the vegetable oil stripping tower include a cylinder, tray set, gas injection device, gas-liquid separation device and more. The tray set is composed of overflow tray, conical distribution tray and collection tray. All trays are made using stainless steel, with a long service life and easy clean-up.
    1. Paraffin Recovery SystemThe paraffin recovery system adopts absorption tower and desorption tower with pall ring packing. The gas and paraffin liquid contacts fully in the tower, ensuring the paraffin absorbs solvent in the gas as more as possible. The stripping work of saturated paraffin liquid is thus easy and complete.
    1. ReactorWe provide you with various types of reactors.
    1. Bleaching TowerThe bleaching tower is a type of professional equipment for grease decoloration in the oil manufacturing process. It possesses these following characteristics.
    1. Deodorization TowerCombining the function of the packed tower and plate tower together, the deodorization tower enjoys the advantages of the two towers and plays a vital role in the entire oil and grease deodorization process.