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 DTDC Desolventizer

The desolventizer-toaster-dryer-cooler is a key piece of equipment for dissolving and inactivating anti-nutritional factors in the wet meal. After many years of experiments and research, we have managed to produce the highly efficient DTDC with triple functions, reasonable design, stable production, stable properties and excellent performance.

Main Features of Desolventizer-Toaster-Dryer-Cooler
1. By using a special plate with air holes, the mixed steam flow upwards and uniformly penetrates through the material layer. The steam temperature will be reduced to 700 ℃, at the same time, wet meals will not drop down through the air holes. Such a functional design not only ensures excellent dissolution but also saves lots of steam and relieves the load of condenser.
2. An automatically-controlled valve is applied to get stable material level and sufficient dissolution time. What's more, it also separates the dissolving section from drying section and avoids unnecessary energy consumption by solvent gas.
3. With the support of two bearings on both spindle ends, this type of dissolving toaster relieves the burden onto the reduction gear, including the weight of main shaft, blades and the counterforce produced during material rotation. In turn, the wear and damage of reduction gear is greatly decreased while the lifespan is expanded. Plus, the spindle head is fixed outside the machine by an antifriction bearing, which means the part replacement is pretty easy.
4. The advanced automatic material discharging system utilizes antifriction bearings that are durable and precise and moves freely, effectively preventing solvent leakage.
5. In the upper area of the DTDC is the steam collector which uses an imported atomizer and collects powders in the mixed steam as more as possible. It ensures pure steam entered into the dissolving toaster, leading to better heat exchange. Also, it stops the powders from entering the water tank via the DT and causing other problems.
6. The originally designed blades allow the material to be mixed and turned over thoroughly.

Technical Parameters of Desolventizer-Toast-Dryer-Cooler
Name Model Production capacity Power (kW) Applications Notes
DTDC YФ 2500×7 300 t/d 30 The DTDC is appropriate for desolventizing, dewatering and cooling wet meals. The DTDC is well manufactured and the steam desolventizing effect is great.
YФ 3200×7 600 t/d 55
YФ 3600×7 1000 t/d 90
YФ 4000×9 1500 t/d 132
YФ 5000×9 2000 t/d 220
YФ 5000×11 3000 t/d 250
YФ 5600×11 4000 t/d 315
YФ 5600×13 5000 t/d 250+90
YФ 6200×14 6000 t/d 280+110
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