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Solvent Extractor (Continuous Loop Type)

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 Solvent Extractor (Continuous Loop Type)

Features of Continuous Loop Type Solvent Extractor
1. The solvent extractor has three main parts, pre-extraction, main-extraction and drainage. All of them are manufactured from stainless steel plates, in order for anti-corrosion and long lasting performance. Not only that, the materials can be turned over, achieving uniform miscella distribution and high extraction rate.
2. Developed with a unique spraying method, the extraction system provides efficient and complete miscella penetration and material saturation.
3. The special discharging system has an adjustable speed to satisfy different processing requirements. In addition to the common discharging function, it evenly spreads wet meal sent to the scraper and eases the impact of bulk wet materials to the scraper. The discharging system provides stable solvent extraction and overcomes some traditional problems, like air backflow, material blockage, etc.
4. Compared to other types of solvent extraction equipment, the continuous loop type solvent extractor is known for a large tonnage, uniform distribution, high miscella utility, high concentration gradient, quick penetration, fast drainage and high oil extracting rate.

Technical Parameters of Continuous Loop Type Solvent Extractor
Name Model Production capacity Power Application Note
Solvent extractor, continuous loop type YJCH6000 6000t/d 37 kW Various types of crops, oilseeds, etc. The extractor is extremely suitable for soybeans and other crops with good permeability. The compact structure and stable quality also make it an ideal choice for mass production.
YJCH5000 5000t/d 30 kW
YJCH4000 4000t/d 22 kW
YJCH3000 3000t/d 18.5 kW
YJCH2000 2000t/d 15 kW
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